Cool New Tech Tool

I carry around notebooks almost everywhere I go.

At work they actually think I'm kinda nerdy, because of my notebooks, and all the stuff I write down.

Thankfully, most of the stuff I write down is journaling related. That way - when I get older, and seniler, I'll be able to look back over my life (in paper form) and TRY to remember how things truly happened. Needless-to-say ... I've written hundreds of pages over the last few years. I probably write more NOW, than I ever wrote in school.

That's why I was pretty impressed by this neat new techie tool. It lets you write and record audio all at the same time. So that if you were taking notes during a meeting, or something important, you'd be able to capture your own notes PLUS the audio from the event.

AND ... it ties them together. So - you could click on a note you wrote one day, and this tool knows the exact audio to play at the moment you wrote the note.

It's pretty cool!

I know this is kinda advertising like ... however ... I am a VERY STRONG proponent of note taking. So I can vouch for a handwriting system like this. And I can totally see how this could be used for a small business niche website.

I think they focus a little too much on the school aspect of it - but I guess if that's the only market they can get to look at it - then oh well.

Just thought I'd share.


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Jason V said...

I guess for me, it doesn't matter which tool I use to "not take notes". :)