HO-prah and 20/20 Bringing Hope to the World ... One Show at a Time

So ... I'm not a big fan of Oprah, or the News. And there are many reasons for this.

However, I just had to comment on this one ...

Here's the links:
Oprah Saves the World
20 20 - What Would You Do?

Basically, these are experiments in 'ethics'. Or, in other words, things that we, the people, should know are RIGHT AND WRONG.

In other words, Oprah and Twenty 20 are educating us on right and wrong here.
In fact ... there is going to be a WHOLE ENTIRE series of shows based on this concept. I just saw a commercial for it tonight.

There's just one problem ...

When right and wrong are constantly moving and changing, how do you know what is right or wrong?

In fact ... take a look at this Yahoo headline:
A court clears the way for a paralyzed woman to sue the person who came to her rescue.

"You can't be careless when you're helping someone without consequence ...
I would have been better off if you had not helped me." ...
But instead you should let someone else help me.

"Many think this ruling flies in the face of human nature."

Just maybe ... MAYBE ... California will re-write their laws to give more protection to Good Samaritans.


Now ... you tell me ... what is right and what is wrong? And if the lines are always changing ... then how can we know from one day to the next, where it sits?

OOPS ... I almost forgot ... The Media is going to lead the way.


On the other hand, maybe the Bible has some more timeless ideas for us to live by?

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Jason V said...

This world is going to hell in a handbasket.

What used to be common is now rare.
Why to we turn someone who helps their neighbor into a hero? It used to be so common, you were evil if you didn't help others.