One of Our Christmas Traditions

We don't have a whole lot of regular traditions that we do for Christmas.

But one thing Chris and I have done for both of the girls, is get them each a personalized Christmas ornament every year.

While it's not always easy to pick out a topic, or theme, that seems to signify their whole year - we try and match up one ornament to what happened in their life over that year.

Anyhow ... here is what we picked up for them last year:

I'm not sure the picture came out very clearly. If you can't tell what it is? It's a pop-up tent trailer - in honor of our 40 day cross country camping road trip we did last year. We picked these up at Bronner's - an online ornament retailer.

This year ... Webkinz!
Maybe we'll put up photos of them later, but there was really only 2 options we could go with this year ... Disney ... or Webkinz.

And when the girls saw the Webkinz ornaments, they were ALL OVER THEM.

Mostly, just wanted to share with you.


1 comment:

Jason V said...

No Webkinz here yet. :)

I'm hoping they fade away soon so we can miss that whole experience.