Oregon Closes the Amazing Race

Christy and I haven't been following the Amazing Race for several seasons now. However, we just started catching this season's shows about 3 days ago.

We only got through about 5 episodes watching on the internet.

But then, we heard that they were finishing this season in Portland. So we had to skip ahead and catch the last show.

How cool, for us, to be able to see some of our old stomping grounds. This picture is from the CBS website - and unfortunately - there's not a better shot showcasing Oregon's beauty.

But still ...

MMMMMM !!!!!!

The memories.

Anyhoo ... you can catch the last show at this page.

Check it out - AND if you have any pics of Oregon, I'd love to see 'em.


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Random Hiccups said...

I can't wait for this season to come to South Africa! It will be so great to see home again!