Special Christmas Gift for Kaitlyn

I know ... I know ...

Christmas has come and gone. However, I wanted to share a neat gift Kaitlyn picked up on her own. And the picture comes from her partner in crime - Keeley.

Kait received a bit of money from her Grandma. And almost instantly, she knew exactly what she wanted to get with it ...

Not a Webkinz toy.
Not a Barbie.
Not a Tinker Bell Fairy.
Not any of those normal, girlie kid things.

What she wanted most was this super soft, micro-fiber bath robe from Target.

So, there you have it ... some practicality in a family full of dreamers.

The picture is Kait, giving a big hug for the sweet gift.

With Love ... Al and the girls!


Carla said...

Love that robe!

Being that this is one of the only ways that I can keep up with you guys! Post more!! Post more!!

Jason V said...

she looks like a movie-star princess. :)

happycrochetmom said...

She may just be the most impressive girl in America, and very smart as well. I really wanted one of those microfiber plush blankets from Target, but at the last minute decided to go with some new wall art. I now regret not getting my blankie. She looks like she is enjoying the plush, warm comfort of the robe. Great choice!!