Finding Your Passion - And Work

What is it that keeps you up late at night ... dreaming, hoping, plotting, and scheming? Those are the things we should be pursuing for our life's work and goals. Instead, most of us end up doing crappy 40 hour torture tours of duty.

Why? What is it that compels us to live with mediocrity and second choices?

I have been wondering this for a long, long time. And ... truth be told I still don't know the answer.

However, after several recent lay-offs, deaths, and job losses of loved ones, and friends whom I know - I have slowly been realizing that we absolutely MUST pursue our passions. Even if we can't quit our 40 hour ball and chains, we simply HAVE TO try and go after our dreams, our hopes, and our life goals.

In fact, although I've been selling online products for the last 3 1/2 years, it hasn't been until the last 6 months that I've hit my stride with a product that I am truly passionate about, and love. The difference in the amount of product I can create, and content I can write is truly staggering. In the past 3 1/2 years I have struggled to come up with as many different ways to create products as I can, simply because I don't know my topics that well. However, now that I'm writing about something I love ... the writing, videos, audio, and content simply flow out of me because I can't keep it inside.

If we don't pursue these things we love (and that we dream about), what would we have to look back at, and be passionate about?

Take, for example, our trip last year. While it was very costly, and a bit scary, we will always have those memories.

Or ... pretend you have worked for a company for 20 years. And all of the sudden, they decide they don't need you anymore. So, they let you go. How does that make you feel about yourself? What do you do with your future after that?

But, on the other hand ... what if you had been pursuing your passions all along ... even if they were on the side of your work. You would still have a tremendous amount of positive energy, memories, and experiences to live with. Instead of a dull, listless, after-taste left over from our years there.

Go for it!


Jason V said...

Good post. I feel like there is still more to be said though.

How many layoffs have you been through? Is another one coming?

I think that at least one of your products was great timing, considering where things are headed and what people are willing to spend money on. It's amazing how many people are still in the malls wasting what they don't have. We were in the new Powell's last week and people were pouring into the parking lot. (Powell's is part of the old Beaverton Mall now, but it's called something else)

Our Blogs said...

Yeah ... I agree. I wasn't really all that sure where I was heading with that post. Honestly, I don't truly feel like I've figured this stuff out ... although I'm not sure anyone ever can.

But, what I do know, is that it's SO MUCH better if we pursue what we are passionate about. Unfortunately, I can't say (and I may never be able to say) how you can make full-time income living your passions. But, I'll be danged if I'm ever gonna settle for mediocrity without pushing for what truly makes me feel energized and excited with my life.

This is a tough topic. I wish I had all the answers. But I'm still trying to piece it all together myself.

Thanks for writing!

And people aren't just spending money at the malls either. When gas was at $4 per gallon, I STILL saw hundreds of big trucks out running around. Why? Safety? Really? I don't think so.

Jason V said...

Have you checked out Dan Miller's books / podcast yet?

Jason V said...

PS: big trucks are still selling at a decent rate. You can use them for REAL work, and not just delivering pizza's. :)