A 25 foot World War II Icon

This just happens to be one of my favorite videos.

As part of our continuing Florida travel saga, we traveled down to Sarasota last weekend. It is a very neat town, with all kinds of great beach access, and a nice vibe to it. If I were to move here again, that is definitely an area I would explore more fully.

Anyhow, an iconic World War II picture has been embodied in this 25 foot statue. And the amazing statue is on display in the public park, by the marina, until March of 2009. We had to stop and take some pics, and get a few moments of video.

I hope you like it. And I hope the veterans out there really get a kick out of seeing this great, great image.

All the best!


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Jason V said...

I think that you should drop Christi for a kiss like that, and have the girls video it.