Outsourcing Jobs

Chris and I watched an interesting video the other night.

We actually checked the videos out from the library. The particular series we were watching, was a show called '30 Days'.

The series is about certain people, setting aside their current lifestyles, and spending 30 days experiencing the complete opposite of what they believe.

All in all, the show presents some very intriguing ideas and issues. However, there was one show in particular, that really caught my interest.

In this specific episode, the main character was laid off from his U.S. corporate job. So, he actually traveled to India, and got a job ... with the company his job was outsourced to.

It was very interesting to see everything that he witnessed while he was there. Just a load of different struggles and issues all in the 30 days.

Here's just a sample:

- In India, some of these outsource jobs are like the TOP TIER positions in their society - particularly the tele-marketing jobs (REALLY!) One of our lowest level positions, is one of their highest.

- The disparity in income levels (in that society) is mind-boggling compared to the U.S. This American came away feeling like his 'lost U.S. job' was actually an act of charity (by him) for someone over there in India.

- By being an American, in India, he was virtually guaranteed success in one of the top paying jobs in their country. Where the Indians struggled to learn proper U.S. English, he excelled - obviously.
*** NOTE - if you've lost your U.S. job, and are thinking about relocating to get another one - think about India. You will most likely have success filling one of these roles over there. And, you will most likely make good money (comparitively) to what they make. END NOTE ***

- Continuing the 'income level' discussion, even an 8 year janitorial supervisor there, still lived in a one bedroom home, with 5 or 6 other people. In other words, all 5 or 6 of these people slept in the same bedroom, which was about the size of our master bathroom. And he was a supervisor.

- Just a short walk from his office, a completely different level of Indian people were living and working in abject poverty. Literally, not a building to live in ... but rather pallets, plywood, canvas roofing, anything they could use to protect themselves from the elements.

- The male / female family roles were in a tremendous upheaval. Think ... 1950's through the 1980's, here in the U.S., all smooshed up together over the last 10 years there. It's like they are compressing 4 decades (of United States social issues) into their last 10 years. Who knows how, or what, their culture will look like coming out the other end of this transition.

Plus, there was so much more in this video. It was truly amazing to see. I highly recommend watching it, if you ever get the chance.



Jason V said...

wow, very interesting sounding video series.
Most people that I know here from India all went through their best schools and such, and came here for top-tier education.
I have no idea what it's like IN India.

Jason V said...

OK, well I guess I'm easy to influence. I found the DVD's at the library, and Carrie reserved them and checked the first one out.

So far we've watched the Minimum Wage one and the Anti Aging one. Very interesting, and thought they were good so far. We'll probably skip one or to shows though.
I think the Minimum wage show is a must-see, but I also think they could have done a bit better. (i.e. ice your wrist instead of running to the ER) Anyways, I don't think that I would have made it.