WOW - I may be a criminal soon

I just got this link from a friend.

Apparently, living in America no longer allows you to have your freedom of opinion, and to speak about it, or display it, openly.

This report talks about some ideas, videos, and concepts that I firmly believe in, and whole-heartedly support.

- Opposing national government
- Opposing abortion
- Opposing the FED
- And several other items listed inside

My friend has one of these bumper stickers, and I've seen one of those movies in the report ... and I agree with a lot of its principles.

And yet, if you'll notice in the top right hand corner of the report, it is being passed out to Missouri State Highway Patrol, and endorsed by the Governor of Missouri.

I can't believe it! Literally, some day soon, I might be a criminal for my beliefs and ideas.

I honestly didn't think we would be getting to this point so soon in America.

I'll have to stew this one over a bit, I'm not sure exactly what this means for me and my family? I actually know police officers. Are my own friends going to come gather me up someday soon - because I oppose someone's political opinion?

In America?

It appears that all those things our fore-fathers lived and died for are now coming back to haunt us. I'm not even talking about the founding of our country ... I'm talking about Hitler, World War II, and ALL of the beliefs America stood for against Nazi-ism. It's all come around again, in the form of 'community', and social acceptance, and politically correct-ness in the United States.

You can read the report at the links above. And you can see more comments about it here.


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Jason V said...

You are a criminal. You don't call me.