The Speer Girl's AWANA Grand Prix Cars

Every Wednesday night the girls go hang out at AWANA for a couple of hours. AWANA is a place where they get to play around with other kids, and learn about the Bible.

They really enjoy going, and they have a lot of fun.

However, once a year, they have a HUGE race car challenge. The kids, all, build a racing car based on the race rules. And this year the girls decided to try their hand at the races.

Here are some pics of their cars:

This is Keeley's SWEET AWANA race car!

And here is Kaitlyn's Awesome AWANA race car!

And here's a tiny bit of video.

We'll post up some other more detailed info soon.



Jason V said...

how'd they do?

Hutch said...

Dude, sweet cars! You all did a great job. I'm going to show my girl and maybe she'll get a crazy idea for next year.