AWANA Grand Prix Race Results - for the Speer Girls

Well, thank goodness there wasn't a whole lot of competition. This helped our girls come out with some top honors ... not only for design of their cars, but also for speed.

For Design = we thought we would do okay.
For Speed = we thought we would come in dead last.

But, it turned out better than we thought.

Here's the AWANA Grand Prix video race recap:

And ... here are the results for the Speer girls:

Thanks for stopping in for the race results!

I am super proud of my two chickens for such great designs, and for enjoying the whole process.



InkyFingers said...

Congratulations Kait and Kee!! I love you.

Carla said...

Hurray for Kaitlyn and Keeley! Well done! Those are some pretty sweet trophies!

Jason V said...

did both win speed and design, or one speed and one design?

I'm really bummed that we were all sick this year and couldn't make the race. :(
I'll post pics of our cars soon though.