Video clips from our Tennessee Trip - Part 1

Hi ya'll!

It's funny to type that. Sometimes it seems as if I'm picking up parts of a new language back here. I say ... 'Yes Sir' WAY more than I ever thought I would. It's strange at times.

Anyhow ...

I am finally having the time to put up a little of the stuff from our trip up north to Tennessee.

This first video is part 1 of our journey into Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These are clips from a couple of hikes we took.

I hope you like them.

Amazingly, the Park isn't really that high (in elevation), but we were extremely blessed to be hit with a rare snow storm in the area that left us with lovely powder while we were there.

The cold in Tennessee, and in the National Park, were just sweet reminders of days when you could cuddle up together ... and not be afraid of sweating instantaneously.

Thanks for watching!

Another video of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park coming soon ... Part 2 ... the Scenic Loop.


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