My Bike Ride to Work

Well, you asked for it ... so here are a few scenes from my bike ride to work. This was about 2-3 weeks ago. It's about 8'ish in the morning here.

Most of it is fairly mundane, boring stuff. I mostly just wanted to share a bit of it with you.

Around minute 2, you will get some clips and audio from some sand hill cranes along the way.

At about minute 3 you'll get to see a pretty large lake I pass by every day. This lake has several pretty good sized alligators. While there are NO Gators in this video (sorry - I was hoping), I will try and get some in the future. If I do get some, you'll recognize them from the lake in the end of the video. It's got some pretty cool scenery and wildlife that hang around it.



Jason V said...

looks like a nice ride!
At least now, with the humidity down. I can only imagine on a hot day...

Jason V said...

did you get eaten by a gator?