More AWANA Grand Prix Beauties - from the Hutchins Fam

So, I revealed the Speer's AWANA Grand Prix cars the other day. But, I was pleasantly surprised to see some really cool speedsters from a friend (and his family) that I work with ... the Hutchins Clan.

And, even better, they told me I could publish their finished product.

Now, I don't usually get the privilege of putting out other people's ideas and pictures, so I totally wanted to take them up on their offer.

Plus ...

These cars are totally cool!

I hope you like.

And thank you to the Hutchin's Clan for letting us share their goods!

I hope you guys take down the competition.


1 comment:

Hutch said...

Dude! Sweet cars, if I do say so myself. I think there will be some stiff competition this year. I hope I did enough to bring home a trophy!