11 Years!

So yesterday was our 11 year anniversary. and these are the beautiful roses that AL got for me. They are so pretty and they are smelling up our apartment nicely.
Here are a few more shots of the flowers.

In other Speer Family news. We started our school year this last Monday! So I guess that that makes us on day 3.
I am still waiting on a couple of books for Keeley but other than that we are starting to cruse along. They actually started the public school year the week before we started ours. They start really early here because the possibility of hurricanes and having to close the schools for them. Crazy how there are no snow days here but they have to be prepared for hurricane days. It is so different here.
This year Kaitlyn is in the 3rd grade and Keeley is in 1st. It is just crazy how time can go by so fast. The laws here are a bit different than Oregon. But thankfully they are not difficult or hard to deal with. The school boards here are actually very supportive of Homeschooling. I am told that it is because of over crowding and low test scores and standards. I am not doubting any of that from what I have so far seen of Polk County Florida. But I will save those stories for another time.

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Carla said...

From Allison: I miss you! I hope school goes well. I can't believe you are in grade 3 and grade 1!! Wow!
I am actually in grade 2, but will be in grade 3 in January. My mom and I are sending you a package. I will make sure she mails it tomorrow. I hope you like it. Study hard and learn lots! (that's from Auntie!)
Hugs and Kisses from Allison