Random stuff from our life...

So here are a few photos form our life here in Florida.
First up the girls doing school at the dining table!
Pool photos. We go swimming everyday. And the girls are turning into fish.

This is one of the alagators that live in the water here at our apartment. We have seen many in here and the girls have given them names. I think that this one is Crock-a-nator.It is hard to tell from the photo but this is a big one! he is longer than I am tall. And we walk by them every day to go to the pool! Crazy!!

This is a fountian in the water where some of the Alagators live. The sky does not look to good here because it is getting ready to storm. That happens nearly every afternoon here. Unfortunatly it does not cool down with the thunder storms. It just gets steamy and nasty.

Here are a few flowers around our place.

And this is one of the many nasty little guys that like to run around and freak me out. Thankfully we have not had any in our house. But there is one that we squished in our door frame that was trying to get in. YUCK!

And this is a funky band and dancer from the Lakeland Farmers Curb Market. They have nothing on Hillsboro Farmers market. Unfortunatly it was very small and nothing much worth going for, I am hoping that it will get better but we will have to see.

So that is all for now. Nothing much new going on. Just still trying to figure out our time here.


Carla said...

Great photos! Your little lizzard guys are alot cuter than the ones we had in 'Toti. Thinner and more perky looking as well, which probably means they move even more quickly. We squashed countless geckos unknowingly. It's quite gross.

Shana said...

The water looks so cool and inviting. We have water too, but its in the form of little droplets falling on my windshield as I go to and from work!

I miss you guys. Isn't it about time to visit us? love, mom (and grandma) s

InkyFingers said...

I love the flowers, can't wait to see them for myself! It's getting closer!