She turned 8!

I can hardly believe it but Kaitlyn turned 8 this past Monday the 6th of August!

The way we celebrate birthdays is we let the girls pick what or where they would like to eat and an activity for the family to do. So this year Kaitlyn picked to eat at IHOP. She loves that place and as how we only go there maybe once a year she has been looking forward to going for a very long time. We went there for breakfast as that is her favorite, and only, meal that she has eaten there. And for her activity she picked to go to the Children's Museum here in Lakeland. It is called Explorations V. It is a good place to go with lots of activities for the kids to do. The best part is it is all hands on! They have a news studio, grocery store, school, doctors office, fire truck, theater, bank and orange juice plant. I am sure that there are more things but that is what we spent the bulk of our time doing there. We invited our friends to come along with us and play. So the girls had Olivia, Sara and Ean to play with also. unfortunately I forgot my camera at home so I do not have any from the museum.
After that we came back home and had dinner and a little party. All of the Roberts came to celebrate with us!!

This year she wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. She also had the horse them for her party supplies!

Also here is a card that I made for our friends that got married in June. As we were traveling before the wedding. We had to wait to get the gift to them till we got here. I knew what I wanted to get them just had to wait till we were settled a little to get it and send it up to them. So this is the card that I made to send along with the gift.I made it on a transparency! And thankfully it turned out how I had pictured it in my head.

Well that is all I have to say for now. So untill next time...


InkyFingers said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!!! I love you

Carla said...

Happy Birthday you beautiful girl! I hope you had a GREAT day! We miss you! Love from Allison, Melody, Elizabeth, Joshua Aunty LuLu and Uncle David!