Florida - It's like another country

Preparing for our move down here, Christy read a book called...
From Foreign to Familiar

One of our plans has been to do some short term missions, and this book talks about some of the things you might experience in another country.

One of the biggest things the book talked about was an idea of hot climate and cold climate cultures. Basically, they are both completely different. As Christy was reading that part of the book, I remember thinking... 'Yeah, this will be nice. We'll go down and experience this different kind of culture. It's more laid back. More relaxed. More social.'

I can definitely tell you, it's more laid back and more relaxed. In fact, I'm not sure anyone actually working here in this state can move at a speed resembling 'hurry'. The service here is absolutely terrible. I'm not sure I've seen so many uncaring, bored, completely un-engaged people in my life.

To be fair, I haven't been able to explore the more social side of life down here yet. We'll see how that goes as we get more settled in and meet more people.

But I can tell you one thing...

If you are going somewhere to get something done, don't plan on it happening quickly. Cause it ain't gonna!


A little bit of an update on us... If you don't really care about our personal lives, you can STOP reading now.

We're not doing great. We're doing okay.

I don't have a job yet. I haven't tried too hard, mind you. I've been more focused on getting my websites up and cranking. I've actually accomplished a heck of a lot more in the last month than I ever did over the last couple years with these businesses. Which is nice! However, it's not enough to replace my income yet. If and when it does... I'll tell you. Cause that is going to be a KICK A## Day for me. Never-the-less - no job yet for me. And Christy's only working every other weekend right now. So we don't get out of the apartment too much. I think we're driving each other completely nuts. There's only so much of listening to me, with bad gas, one person can take, and I think she's about there? I don't know, you'll have to ask her yourself.

Our church hunt hasn't gone very well yet. In the past, when we've gone to a church that worked, it didn't necessarily feel perfect. But it felt okay. So far, we're not there yet. We're still looking. But until we get that basic need established, it keeps us kind of ungrounded in the community.

We haven't started school yet with the girls. So I think that has been a bit of a bummer for them too. Their days just kind of roll on and on. Of course we've been hitting the swimming pool almost every day. In fact, Kait and Kee are becoming amazing swimmers. Kait can probably swim half the pool length underwater. And Kee spends more time holding her breath underwater, than she does floating on top of it. But until I get them out in the ocean with mask, fins, and snorkels there's just a bunch of blue walls all around us. Of course, it's shark week this week, which makes me want to go snorkeling somewhere. But patience... patience!

HMMM, well I'm not sure what else to say. I guess I'll leave it at that.

Talk to you soon.
Love you, and miss you.


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