Something I don't want to forget...

So here is a little story from our trip that I do not want to forget. There is no doubt that God had his hand on us and his angels around us every step and tier turn along the way. We never even had a moments worry about the truck working, tire popping, or any of us getting hurt the entire time that we were traveling. As a matter of fact He has not lifted his hand from us in the least even since arriving here. He continues to keep us safe and sound and will continue on.

But anyway here is a particular story that I do not want to forget to tell about how we got to see one of his angels...

We were in St. Louis, MO and we were planning to spend the day down by the Mississippi River and the Arch.
We followed the signs to the down town area, and to the arch. There were signs that took us to the public parking, for the area, and when we got there they were closed for construction. So we looked around a little bit, and found a parking place were there were lots of other cars parked. It was under a freeway over pass.

After taking a bit of time to look around it, we decided that we would park there. Now we took some time to look around because it really did not look like a "nice" part of town to be leaving our truck. But not really knowing anywhere else to go, we decided to park there. So we found a little spot and parked. We get out, and there is broken glass all over in the gravel.

I ask Al once more, are you sure you want to park here? And he says, well I guess. So we all get out and lock up the truck and go to the back to lock it up also. As we go to the back of the truck, there is this man dressed in a Park Ranger uniform standing there. So he starts to talk to us.

He says I would not park here. There is an attended parking lot a couple of blocks up and over from here, and it would be a much safer place to park your truck. As you can see here, there are a lot of break-ins, and I am sure that if you leave your truck here they will break the window and take what ever they can. He then give us directions to get to the parking lot.

We thank him and get back in the truck to go where he told us. We back out, and look around for the Ranger that talked to us, and he is nowhere to be seen even though it took us only a few seconds to get in the truck and get going. He is gone.

I ask Al where did that guy come from? Did you see him as we were driving around in here? And he said no, I never saw anyone. Then I say well where did he go? We all look around, and we do not see where he has gone. There was no one walking around, and there was never any other car driving around the lot while we were there. We look at each other and just say, well I think that we have just seen a Ranger Angel.

There really is no other explanation as to how that "man" got there, other than he was an angel sent to protect us. We were able to find that other parking lot, and leave the car there, knowing without a doubt that that we could leave it there and be able to come back with it intact!
Praise God for his safety and protection!

Here are a few more photos from our day in St. Louis. The first is a self portrait of sorts. Can you tell what it is?

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