Giving and blessings...

It's no secret that I have always aspired to have a successful small business. It seems I am in the painful process of building one just to survive now.


Several years ago, I started a small business with a guy named Gary, in Oregon. We sold sporting goods products online. In the process of buying, purchasing, and reselling the equipment for the business we often came across SCREAMING good deals on sport supplies.

Specifically, we bought some soccer shorts for about $.33 each pair, and then we also purchased some other soccer shorts for a little more - like $.60 per pair.

We were able to sell a bunch of those shorts with our business, but over time we had gathered up quite a HUGE supply of extras. And Gary had been storing them at his home for the last couple years - because we didn't really have the time to properly ebay them or anything like that.

Imagine my surprise when Christy and I were visiting Gary, for his wedding, and we met Gary's sister and brother in law. Val - the brother in law - is an amazingly nice guy, and through the process of talking with him I learned that they had recently taken a mission trip to St. Kitts. Val is actually from St. Kitts.

You can read more about the island here:

What was really cool... all those shorts we had left over... had made the journey to St. Kitts with Val. He took them down and gave them to the kids down there.

Just talking with him, it was clear that the soccer shorts were a HUGE hit with the kids. They loved 'em.

I would have never even known that the shorts Gary and I bought 8 years ago could have been used for such purpose and benefit, all these years later. What an awesome and tremendous honor for me to be a part of that, even though I really had nothing to do with it today.

Sometimes it's the little things that can make your day turn around.

Also, real quick... a couple years ago, Rob (my good friend) took a trip to Cambodia. Christy and I bought about $30 worth of kitchen supplies to help a mission family there start a cooking school. The report came back that all the supplies not only helped them start the school, but ALSO helped some of the students get great jobs. Another fantastic honor for me to be a part of.


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