The updates continues

O.K. So,
We stayed in Yellowstone for 5 nights. Every day we got up ate a quick breakfast and then went to spend the day exploring the park. the first day we visited the famed Old Faithful. THat was cool. Thankfully the rangers have it down well and can predict the eruption with in about 30min. So we did not have to wait too long.

After seeing Old Faithful we walked around and saw all the other Gysers pool and springs in that area. There ar so many that it is so amazing.
Just look at these colors!! And I have done nothing to them to edit them. These are all straight out of the camera.
The unfortunate thing about all this beauty is that ther is a horible stench that goes with it. At times it was not so bad. Others it made me gage. This is what the girls thought of the smell and how they delt with it.

So here is the crazy thing that happened. THe day that we got to Yellow Stone it was Sunny but not that warm. But that night it was very cold. It was close to freexing. Again we had the heater so we were good to go. The secon night the same. The days were sunny but still cold especially if there was a wind. And most days there was. So the 3rd day that we are there we went out again and it was sunny but as soon as we headed back to the campground it started getting cloudy. No big deal we thought. So what if it rains we have our trailer and heat. So we get back and just as we start to eat dinner it starts to snow! Can you believe it! SNOW!! Because it was sunny that day the ground had heated up a bit and it never really did stick but it snowed that evening and off and on that night. The bad thing that happened was that we went to start the heater that night and for some reason that we still don't know it will not heat. It just blows cold air. Al tries to mess with it for some time but we never do get any heat anymore. It was so Cold!. Thankfully when you are in bed it is actually warm with our sleeping bage and extra blankets. But when you have to get out it takes a whilt to thaw out. We have surrvived well even with out the heater. And now we will be south so we should not need it any more.
So here are some more animal photos that I really like!

Up near Mamoth Hot springs there is a great place to see. It is called Canary spring. It is so amazing how each of the geothermal features in the park can look so completly different from eachother. There are alot of Gysers pools but depending on the mineral make up of them they can have such different colors and do different things. This spring was so cool. Everywhere that it is still activly flowing it is this dark orang and white. Where it has stopped flowing it is all white. A bright white! I love how it make s these shelves and just keeps flowing around the trees and all just sucking it all up.

So then the next day we visited the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. It is a small but very beautiful version of the grand canyon right in yellow stone park. It is amazing and there are some good hikes that you can take to get some great views. There are also 2 falls in the canyon. This is a cool tree that we found on the way down to a view point. So Keeley found this twig and decided that it would make a great camera. So she was taking photos all the way down. She was even making us all do model poses for her to photograph. Al and I are thinking of getting her her own camera and seeing whath she comes up with.
So this is one of thte hikes that we took to get a good view of this fall. It is 328 steps down and unfortunatly 328 steps back up! Actually it was not all that bad. We all did fine. Even tho the girls look like they had to crael up the steps to get back up.

The last day we were in Yellow Stone we took this little hike and when we rounded this bend, there was a HUGE Buffalo just a few yards in front of us. We were stunned and thankfully he did not care and just walked up a few more yards to the top of this hill. So I had to snap this photo of the girls with him. Since the other times that we were this close we were safely tucked in the car!

So for now I have to go. Laundry is calling. We will post again!
By the way sorry if there are a ton of typos in this message. I am not taking the time to edit it.


InkyFingers said...

Wow, that is so cool! I love the pictures and the commentary, even with your typos! I can't wait to see what the budding photographer will come up with, she's been getting lots of lessons from Mom.

Carla said...

Great update! Glad to know you are still alive... oh and 'ha ha ha!' for your heater breaking down. Now you know how if feels to REALLY experience living in the weather without the luxury of central heat! Welcome to my world!