Severe Casualties in Bryce yesterday...


Well, we had a LONG day in Bryce Canyon yesterday. The geology and rock formations here are absolutely stunning. The mixtures of reds and whites and browns - it's all gorgeous.

But we didn't really account for...

the sun.


Keeley, Christy, and I all suffered some decent sun burns yesterday. Not third degree style, or anything like that. Just burned.

Now it kinda hurts to put my shirt on and move.

You know that kind of burn, right?

Anyhow, today we are taking a tour bus through the lower part of Bryce. It stops, we get out and take pictures, then we get back in and go to the next spot. So it shouldn't be nearly so bad. I don't think we'll be doing any hikes today. Well, we'll see, I guess.

Talk soon,


Carla said...

There's always a flip-side to fun and recreation! Sorry to hear you are all so sore! Can't wait to see your latest pics! So far, they have been amazing! (christy..you should offer to photograph for a nature magazine!) Miss you stacks! Would love an email :) (Hint Hint!)

shanadeluche said...

Hey, I just figured out how this blog thing works -- Oh, I guess I shouldn't admit that since you guys always thought I was electronic. It's really cool seeing where you have been, seeing your smiling faces, seeing how red you are, well, I guess I'll see that in a few days. I can sympathize, though, because that's what happened to us the first day we were in Cancun. And then we had 6 more days of sun to go! Well, we miss you all. Tomorrow night is the boy's graduation. I am really starting to feel the empty nest syndrome, and they probably won't leave til they are 40 -- Love you, mom