Day 28 in the Speer Odyssey

Hello guys. Al - here.

Technology is the craps sometimes.

What you are reading right now is about 4 hours of work - gone.

Christy had worked on 1 post from about 6pm to 10 tonight, and with one stroke of the keyboard...

it disappeared.


So, now you are reading something from me.

We'll start working on more soon. Hopefully shorter posts that don't get deleted when we hit a button.

Sorry to you and to Christy.


1 comment:

kuyote said...

Man I hate it when that happens. I'm sorry this little tip comes a little late, but something I do (after losing lots of work) is open Word, and write everything in there. Once you are done, copy and paste it over, it's not fail safe but there is some protection built in. Hopefully you all are still having fun. Talk to you later.