Finally an update!

We are finally able to post an update. We have tried to hook up a couple of time with no success.
We are currently in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are here for a couple of days staying in a hotel to do some much needed laundry, get connected back with the world again and get hooked up to the net.
So here is an update on what we have done so far. Hold on it may be a big update!...

So the first day of our trip was uneventful, Thankfully! We stayed in eastern Or near the border to Idaho. We stayed at the Farewell Bend State Park.
It was a nice place but we were not there for long. It was also our first night spent in our tent trailer. The girls thought that night would never come! We got up in the morning and it was nice and warm so we all put on shorts and left for Idaho.
Wouldn't you know this is what greeted us as we left ours state and headed to a new one... Yep, road construction.
We stayed that Night at Craters of The Moon National Monument. It was cold when we arrived. So we all had to make a quick change. That night it got very cold. But never fear we have a heater in the trailer! So we were nice and toasty. Actually a bit too warm. The next morning after packing we took a little hike to check the place out. It is very barren but also very cool. You are out in the middle of no where Idaho and there is this HUGE Lava Flow cutting across the valley. Very strange and very neat. This shot is from the hike that we did there. Keeley declared herself "Queen of the View"!

This is Kait marveling at the ripples of this lava.
So then it was on to what I had been waiting for for so long, Yellow Stone!! the closer that we got the more and more excited I was getting to finally be able to see this amazing park that I had read about and seen shows about. I had this great place pictured in my mind of how the park would be when we got there. And how it would look with not much marking it up other than some building in different parts and roads and trails. Imagine my surprise when this is what we see when we got to what is called West Yellow Stone.
Yeah you see my point. Al and I both went, What is all this? Well thankfully we figured out in not to long that this is actually a town that has grown up just outside of the West entrance to the park. The town is called West Yellowstone, Montana. Go figure!
Thankfully the actual park is not like that. They do a great job of marking the things in the park. But it is not done like the photo above.
Quickly my excitement grew again as we entered the park! I could not wait to see the animals!! Here is our first wildlife spotting after getting in the park. A Buffalo!

Well 2 actually. There were lots more around the corner but I did not know that at the time so I made Al stop so I could get the photo. Little did I know that in just a few days we would all be saying, "Oh, it is just another Buffalo." They are every where there. It would be very hard for you to go there and not see buffalo. Don't get me wrong. It is still amazing to see such a huge animal just a few feet from you and to know that they are wild and not a pet kept in a pasture out back. But after see them everywhere for 5 days you start to think of them as just more buffalo.

Well this is not even close to all that I had wanted to post but it is getting rather late. Or maybe I should say early. And I do have to get up sometime tomorrow and get some things done. SO for now I will have to go and hope that I can post a few time in the next couple of days.
Thanks for your patients in waiting for this update. The others should not be so long in coming!

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