Another update - the Grand Tetons

OK, we're getting through our last moments here at the hotel. I'm not sure when we'll be able to post again, so I wanted to get this last one up.

Anyhow, after Yellowstone, we made our way down to the Grand Tetons.

The view is SWEET! And it just doesn't stop.

We were there for about 3 days, trying to throw in as many sites as we could. The wildlife in the Tetons is nothing compared to Yellowstone. In Yellowstone, animals are practically around every corner. In the Tetons, you gotta really look and search for the wildlife. Although they are around...

In the end, for me, the view of the mountains is the key. If you can dig the view, then the animals become the icing on the cake. Living in the valley is definitely something I could handle for a LONG, LONG time. Eating, relaxing, and even working with that view just out the window just makes me want to go back.

OK, I gotta cut this off for now. We'll try and post up more soon.



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