Sometimes, my brain just doesn't work

So, from the start of the trip we've been getting about 220 miles per tank pulling the trailer. We had filled up several times before we hit Yellowstone.

In fact, here is a picture of us at 1001 miles into our trip. This is fueling up at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Anyhow, I had been keeping track of this 220 mile average as we were travelling, but then once we got into Yellowstone I noticed we started getting way more than 220 miles per tank. It was trippy to me. I was trying to figure out the mystery.

Finally, Christy mentions to me...
the truck drives a lot smoother without the trailer on it - doesn't it!

That's when it hits me.

I haven't been pulling the trailer for the last couple days, so I'm starting to get great gas mileage again.

I know. I know. Pretty sad huh?

But, hey, you gotta take the good with the bad with me. Sorry
Mostly I just wanted to let you know a little of the behind the scenes workings of my not-so-sinister mind.



InkyFingers said...

That's alright, I was trying to figure out why you didn't have the trailer! I thought maybe you lost it like your keys.

kuyote said...

Think of the gas mileage you would have had if you didn't drive 1001.2 miles with the emergency brake on...