Photography and Biking ... a Potent Combination

I've never really been overly intrigued by bike or cycling photos.

But I really took notice of some of the background shots during this year's Tour de France. And, I've even been asking Christy if she would take some shots of me and my buddy (Turbo) in action.

I imagine if the stars all line up properly, we'll be able to take some action pics some day soon. However, I was totally thrilled to see this 'behind the scenes' commentary on a mountain biking cover photo shoot.

Sounds like a pretty sweet job - mashing up biking with picture taking.

Behind the scenes: MBUK cover shoot

Magazine cover pictures don't get much attention from most readers, but that's kind of the way they're supposed to work.
MBUK wanted a shot to illustrate a technique feature on fast descending.
Planning is everything for a shoot like this, so time spent at this stage can save a lot of hassle later on. Searching for a location can easily eat up a whole day
Still, you've got to work with what you have.
a rider who isn't happy, incidentally, will never ride at their best, so this stage isn't just a formality
With this kind of setup, involving a high speed descent and a single shot per pass, it's hard work for the rider.
Here's the end result, after having a new sky inserted and a little Photoshop work on the foreground and background.

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