Lance Armstrong ... The Old Fart!

I have caught a tremendous amount of the Tour de France this year. WAY more than I've ever seen. And, it is so exciting to watch this sport, and see the talent these guys have.

My favorite part of all ... though ... was at the end of today's leg. On national television (the Versus channel), Armstrong called himself an 'Old Fart'. But, he couched it by saying he didn't do too bad coming up with a 3rd place finish.

I loved the comment!

And, I'm thrilled that even old farts like myself can still enjoy this GREAT sport.
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“I might have a few more notches next year,” Armstrong said by telephone late Saturday. “But right now I need a few more notches to beat him.” Then he added one French word — chapeau, meaning hat’s off to Contador. And wait until next year.

“While it’d be great to win at nearly 38 years old, it’s virtually unheard of in this game,” he said last week. “So you’ve got to understand and respect that, too.”

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