Florida Everglades National Park - Wildlife Pictures

This was quite a while ago - but here are a few shots of some of the wildlife we encountered down at the Everglades National Park.

Here's my best tip about the Florida Everglades National Park ...

DON'T GO in the summer! Dang near 100 degrees outside. Pure sweat, and a nasty sticky feeling. AND ... Mosquitoes every where you turn.

In fact ... I suggest staying out of Florida entirely all summer long.

Unless, and only on this one condition, that you are going to a beach somewhere. That is the only reason any human should be in this state during the summer. To play in the glorious waters that completely surround this place.

That's my honest, but humble opinion.

Take a look at this turtle ... Not one of the prettiest animals we've seen here in Florida. But I guess I should really like this one, because it looks funny - just like me.

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