Ideas to Help Boost My Productivity

I stumbled upon this article tonight, and read through a few of the ideas.

The ones that strike me the most ... are the ones about knowing what you want to accomplish, noting all the steps you need to cross to get there, and then being diligent about actually doing what you want to do.

I realized tonight, that one of the hardest parts about living a life of passion, is clearly understanding what you are passionate about. And then realizing HOW you can get to the lifestyle that will let you get there.

Personally, I waffle back and forth between so many things, it's no wonder I've never committed my future to anything. It's giving me plenty to think about though.
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Boost Your Productivity in 50 Ways

Single-task: If you are doing something which requires a high level of brain work, focus on doing it one at a time. Don’t try to multi-task and get nothing done in the process.
Time boxing: Set aside a fixed time slot to work on your tasks. You must work on that task and only that task during that time slot, no more, no less.
To-do list
Not run the risk of forgetting anything you need to do.
Master your skills. To get your work done well and fast, you need to first master your skills.
It’s said that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at what you do. Make sure you put in the due diligence in your work.
Brain dump. You may find some thoughts distracting you while you are working on something.
List down all the things you want to get done, order them in priority
a life handbook like a life manual where you store your purpose, long-term goals, short-term goals, strategies, plans, and many other information on how to live your best life.

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Jason V said...

Most companies don't fail for lack of "Vision", they fail for lack of "Follow-through".

Write down your Vision, goals, and direction, then Share those goals with as many people as possible so that they can hold you accountable. (ahem, my e-mail still works)

Study Proverbs and Benjamin Franklin, listen to Zig Ziglar "Goals" book.

sometimes I think that you're like me, where your ideas come faster than you can attack them. somehow there has to be a way to filter and evaluate them and focus on the Best of the Best. ???

PS: Love the new logo with Scrabble pieces or ???