3 Day Weekends ... Could they become a reality?

When I used to work at the Intel Fab, we had 3 and 4 day weekends EVERY week. Talk about outstanding time for relaxation and free time.

For some reason that concept has not caught on in the cubicle world.

However, maybe with some people actually thinking about cost savings, energy savings ... and workers wondering how they can claim more freedom ... the 4 day workweek might start gaining some popularity.

Check out this recent test by the State of Utah:
Four Day Work Week
the state of Utah actually tried this and had state employees take Friday off and work longer hours the other four days of the week. According to Scientific American the results were impressive:

For those workplaces, there’s no longer a need to turn on the lights, elevators or computers on Fridays—nor do janitors need to clean vacant buildings. Electric bills have dropped even further during the summer, thanks to less air-conditioning: Friday’s midday hours have been replaced by cooler mornings and evenings on Monday through Thursday. As of May, the state had saved $1.8 million. …

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