Whoa ... U.S. Religious Freedoms in Jeopardy!

I had NO idea this lawsuit was taking place.

If this thing has any pull ... it could have a HUGE impact on how we interpret our own personal religious doctrines. I ask you ... WHO do we want deciding these things for us?

Here's the gist:
lawsuit recently brought about by an individual in Michigan against Zondervan Publishing Company over the way I Corinthians 6:9 has been interpreted in the Bibles they print. The lawsuit is for $60, 000, 000. The suit contends that the Pastor of a local church preached a sermon some 20 years ago using this verse and during the course of his sermon, the Pastor made references to homosexuality that have, in turn, caused this individual emotional pain and suffering over the last 20 years.

If you have ANY qualms about your religious freedoms, this article is a 'MUST READ' warning.


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Jason V said...

I have more faith in our supreme court now that they upheld the right to bear arms in New Jersey.