Top Secret Marketing Tactic ...

Hi ... Al again.

This is an interesting concept I've heard a lot about recently:

Is there such a thing as 'secrets' anymore ... really?

That seems to be a BIG thing in selling.
- Top Secret this ...
- Ultra-Uber Secret that ...

For the most part, using the word 'secret' is a marketing tactic, HOWEVER ... one question I have for you, if you think 'secrets' don't exist:

Is there something you don't know how to do?
- Tie your shoes?
- Drive a stick shift?
- Cook frog legs?
- Lose 20 pounds?
- Make $50,000 per year?

Do you?

Well, if you don't ... then I guess I'd have to say those things ARE a 'secret' to you.

And ... truth be told, there are A LOT of secrets that I still don't know about.

So, until WE learn everything about everything, 'secret' marketing is STILL going to keep happening.

OK - you can wake up again.

Talk soon,
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