Homosassa Springs - Part Two

And now ... On with our program.

Last time, we briefly talked about the first part of our visit to Homosassa Spring State Park. Now we'll talk about some of the other cool stuff there.

After the birds ... here's a shot I missed putting up last time:

We got to check out a couple other wild creatures ...

Christy snagged this great shot of the fox stealthing around its pen.

These gators were very cool. We were standing about 4 feet away from them, separated by a fence (so perfectly protected), but able to get great close-ups. They were pretty cool to see.

And here's a shot I grabbed by the seat of my pants. How I happened to snap it at just this perfect moment, was miraculous. Anyhow ... I like the pic.

This Giant Grasshopper - although it might be hard to tell - was as large as one of my fingers. My hand is only a couple inches from it. I was too afraid to get any closer, for fear it might jump up and drop-kick me in the face ... you've seen Kung Fu Panda ... right?

Still ... an astonishing creature.

Finally, the best part of the entire park ... the manatee area. They have an astonishing underwater observation tank. You get to go underwater - just like the underwater viewing area at an aquarium. There are hundreds of fish under the water, just floating in front of the windows. And then ... every once in a while ... a gigantic manatee glides by - rubbing its belly on the glass, or spinning around as if doing an underwater ballet.

We didn't grab any shots from the observatory, but here were a couple pics from the ranger talk at the end of the day.

And finally, my Mom and the girls at the end of the day.

Talk soon,

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