Question ... for you?

Hi ...

Normally, I would have never done this ... but I've been reading A LOT about it lately so I'm going to give it a shot.

The question is this:

What things, specifically, do you want us to write more about?

More pictures?
More trip info?
More everyday life stuff?
More sight seeing?
More small biz ideas?
More personal opinions?
More videos?
More about the girls?
Audio interviews?

What do you want us to write or talk about?

Just wondering ... and if you don't respond, you'll just keep getting the same things you're already getting. So ... for the love of Pete ... let us know!


You can either add a comment to the bottom of this post, or send us an email at:
acspeer ~ A ~ T ~ scrapbookradio ~ dot ~ com


Carla said...

This is an easy question - more about your family and I also enjoy hearing both of your takes on life... mostly cause I'm just to dog gone far away and I want to feel like I have an idea what in the world is going on in your life! Defintely need photos too!

InkyFingers said...

I don't think this will be any surprise to you, but.... The girls, I enjoy what you write Al, but would like to hear from Christy a little more often. I also love the stuff from your trip and the sites around Florida.

Jason V said...

the girls
how your 'crazy' business ideas are going
election coverage. :P

Random Hiccups said...

The girls! The family! The crazy Florida adventures! Those are my favourite picks! :)

Jason V said...

Addition: I want to see more videos. Those were pretty cool. Just a few short ones would be fun.

Jason V said...

Sometimes it's just nice if you write more than every couple of weeks.
You know...
Just say "Hey, it's me Al, we're doing ok. Here's a shout-out" and such.

PS: Local Costco gas was something like $2.84/ gal this week. Crazy.