Government Gas Price Basics - Uh ... Yeah ... RIGHT!

I am going to start with this:

Retail gasoline prices are mainly affected by crude oil prices and the level of gasoline supply relative to demand.

This quote - by the way - comes right from a Department of Energy 'official' website at:

Ummm ... Hello ...
If this were truly the case - the price drop from $170 to $90 for the oil commodity would have 'ACTUALLY' had an impact on the price MONTHS AGO!

Am I right?

Just pointing out that the freaking gov-urn-ment has no idea what they're doing.

PLUS - in addition to this little factoid - I read the gov-urn-ment is now going to be taking over some banks with their 'bailout plan'.

Question ... ?

If the gov-urn-ment controls your bank, then they can control how you get, spend, and receive your money? If you know ANYTHING about history (and the Bible) ... then you MUST KNOW that doesn't bode well!


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Jason V said...

I keep telling a friend on Facebook that I don't want the government to spend my money for me.
They've done a Righteous good ol' job on Education, so why not just take over my Health Care!

At least not with our group of reps over there in La-La land!

If they could get rid of their stupid laws and actually let people get a "real" education instead of provding "Minimum Wage", we wouldn't have people with no financial sense. (i.e. learn to work or go hungry?)

Sorry, I totally respect people who work hard, and I totally feel sorry for people with "real" problems. Not people with a sense of "entitlement". :(