State of Florida is running out of money

Well ...

Apparently the State of Florida is running out of money. Florida Police were out in full force today brandishing their heavy-handed tactics to people who pay their taxes and spend their money upholding the defunct economy.

Instead of actually stopping real criminals who are out robbing, hurting, selling drugs, and murdering people ... they were on the streets giving traffic citations for cheesy crap.

Bringing in LOTS of Monkey Money for the State.


For a second there I thought we were all going to run out of domestic assistance programs.

Things that I can really use ... like ... umm ... welfare (Oh, I don't use that) ... education (Oh, I don't use that either) ... roads (Oh, I DO use those, but they're all falling apart - and the ones that are in the best shape ARE TOLL ROADS and don't have sidewalks) ... unemployment (Oh, I don't use that).

I'm running out of reasons WHY I want to support these guys. I'm sorry. Please fill me in if I'm missing something here.

And, may the officers who give out first-time citations (AND ENJOY IT) for minor offenses get MANY, MANY years of high-action, high-speed, highly dangerous adventures ... cause I'm pretty sure they dig it!

P.S. And yes, we did get a ticket. But not for reckless driving, or driving while intoxicated, or driving through a red light, or a hit and run, or evading police ... ours was for having a fully tinted front window, which was on the car when we bought it. Instead of getting a warning with a 30 day fix - the moron gave us a full on ticket. Yeah, MORON! I think he enjoyed himself ... so I'll enjoy myself calling him that.

But, thank goodness he caught us before we did some REAL damage.

My gosh - it kinda reminds me of the older gentleman who was thrown in jail for letting his lawn get brown. WHOA! Can you believe he did that? Are you kidding me, in this economic climate ... with the problems we're facing ... and they throw the guy in jail for brown grass.

Some people have some mixed up priorities!

BEWARE when you come to the State of Florida ... all they want is your MONEY ... the MONKEYS!

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Carla said...

Man, that really stinks! At least they go after you one at a time - in our lovely Africa, they pull off entire streets full of cards (a roadblock)and then run down their check list for possible infractions - meanwhile blocks away an old woman is being broken into and beaten. It's a pretty corrupt deal, all around!