Sand Hill Cranes hanging around the Neighborhood

I was talking with my Dad the other day on the phone. And then we hear this strange squawking noise blasting through the neighborhood. Dad even heard it over the phone.

It was these things ...

They're Sand Hill Cranes.

This particular group likes hanging out around our house and our ponds. Just this morning they woke us all up right about 8 AM. It's almost like having a rooster - without keeping the flock and getting the yummy eggs.

They're ALMOST annoying. I mean, they are annoying when they wake you up in the morning. But, really, they are pretty cool animals.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing them.
They stand about 4 feet tall - or so. And they are dang loud when they do their 'squawking'.

This is the rough and tumble crew crossing the street out here. You don't want to meet up with these guys in a dark alley. Actually, they'd probably run from you, but when you're up close and personal - they definitely look like they could do some damage with those long beaks.

I actually recorded one audio clip from them - but I don't have the player hooked up yet. When I get it, I'll try and add the audio for you.

They do sound pretty cool.
It's a lot like an alien creature hanging around outside your house.


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Jason V said...

I wonder if they taste good?