Lithia Springs Park

I know you've been holding your breath, waiting for us to say something ... anything.

And the wait is finally over. You can breathe again. Only, next time, don't wait to breathe like that! Because you could die if you continue waiting for us to say something.



Now, quite a while ago, we actually discovered that there is a natural spring that's not too far from our house. About 12-15 miles - I'm not sure exactly how far to be honest.

So we took the trip over to check it out and see what the park was like.

Introducing ...

Lithia Springs Park

It's a pretty nice park with access to a real, flowing river (the Alafia River) that you're NOT supposed to swim in - and also access to a closed off, protected area that you CAN swim in.

So we went over and spent a few hours swimming, playing in the water, wandering around the area, and enjoying the playground.

It was a very cool place, and the entry fee was pretty minimal. Which was nice ... considering that everything in this state costs money to do.

Anyhow ...

Here's some pics that we scrounged up.

These first two are the actual 'Springs'. You can swim in this area, as you can see. The springs are in the second picture. They are almost all the way back toward the wall, and you can see them in the water at a depth of about 9 feet or so. They're actually covered over by a grate, so you can't really go down inside of it, or anything like that.

Here's the ominous canoe and kayak launching sign. I'm assuming you don't want to go in this water because there's most likely diseases waiting to you ravage your body in the water. and what the diseases don't get, I'm sure some alligator, somewhere would be happy to.

This is the canoe / kayak launching dock. You can see how lovely and inviting the water is ...

And here's a couple of kayakers making the voyage to 'who knows where'.

And here's a cool feature of this park ... strategically placed bat houses. Very neat to see.

And finally, our Scion XB. We have lovingly named it ... Mogwai ... after the nice gremlin. Being it's a Japanese car, and all, we thought it was fitting.

All right - we'll catch you soon.


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