Sand Hill Cranes Calling

Not too awfully long ago, I posted about the Sand Hill Cranes who hang around the neighborhood. You can see the posting and pictures of them here.

Well ... since then we've realized (partially) why they hang out. Because some of the neighbors are feeding them food from their front porch.


I can't believe some people. Although that does explain another extremely close encounter the girls had with these cranes the other day.

Anyhow ...

I FINALLY figured out how to get my audio software up and running. And so I can post up the audio I recorded of these Sand Hill Cranes.

You should just be able to click that, and it will play in your computer. It's only about 10 seconds long, or so.

Not much - I know. But still cool.


1 comment:

Jason V said...

If you slow it down, they are saying "kill the humans". Pretty scarry stuff you're posting dude.