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So I know that it has been a little while bit I still wanted to share some photos with you all from the last month.
It was quite the happening time for us here as we had a couple of birthdays and all the festivities that go along with that! Fun times. So lets not waste any time, here are some photos!
Here is Kait on her Birthday! 9 years old!!
For their birthdays the girls get to pick an activity for the family to do and they get to pick a place to eat or something that they would like to eat. Funny how they always end up choosing to go out to eat, anyway. Kaitlyn's favorite place to eat is IHOP. so after a day of playing at Cypress Gardens we went to IHOP for a breakfast dinner, at Kait's choosing.
Then it was back home for icecream cake and opening gifts!

I think that she had a great time and we were all worn out by the end of the day. So I guess that makes for a good birthday.
The week before Kait's is my birthday and I deciding that bowling would be fun.

This was the first time that the girls had been bowling and even tho there was lots to learn they had so much fun and are begging us to go again.
For some reason I did not share this photo the last time that I posted. To many others I guess. This is one of my favorites from when my sister and her girls were here.
And here are a few other random ones for good measure!
I may have to redo that street sign shot on a day that is more sunny than cloudy. I had a brighter sky in mind when I had this shot in my head. And by the time that I finally got out to take it it was very cloudy.
And this is the end of my post!

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InkyFingers said...

And what a beautiful end it had! Love you Kaitie