How to 'Pick' a Website Idea

Oh NO ... !

Not this topic A G A I N! Please ?!

Sorry, since you know me, you gotta hear my thoughts on it.

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Anyhow - I got an interesting phone call from a friend today. And our discussion got me to thinking about 'choosing' a website idea.

Here's the straight up scoop, as far as I can tell ...

At first, when you're just starting out researching a topic, and it could go either way ...

Yes (do it) or No (don't do it)!
If you are really passionate about the topic - I say just DO IT!

However, if you want to actually see if it will work, here's what I do ...

1. I send visitors to my site.
2. I ask them to give me their biggest question about 'that' topic.
3. If about 10% of people DO give me a question - I go for it.
If 10% don't, I don't, unless someone asks me to help them do it anyhow.

In my experience - if this type of person is willing to give you a question, they are more likely to purchase a product as well. Of course there's more to it than just that, but this is where I begin every site I plan on researching for long term potential.
Alright, just a quick thought.

Talk soon,


Jason V said...

I want to see an example of one of your "question generating" sites... Maybe on your most recent topic. :)

Jason V said...

You never sent me a link to one of your "information / question gathering" websites. It seems like you should have a new one up and running right now...