A Snail's Pace

I don't know if it's just the times that are changing? Or just this place?

I had what would be considered a 3rd interview tonight after I got off of work - and I STILL don't know if they are planning on hiring me.

I mean...

How long does it take, and how many times do you have to talk with someone before you figure out if they are going to be good for your company?

Really - it's okay. It's just my life, my time, that's being wasted by the process. But I can't imagine it's easy for these people to cut out an hour here, an hour there, just to interview me 20 times.


This looks like a pretty cool company. Very similar to Komatsu - just different products. We'll see how it goes.

Most importantly - because we only have one vehicle, Chris had to take the girls to work with her. And then I had to ride my bike from Mulberry clear across the south side of town, as fast as I could.


It's about a 16 mile ride - and I actually did it in about 1 hr 15 min.

The funniest part is...

When I got off the bike, my butt hurt! And I could hardly even stand up.

Have you ever seen professional wrestling? They have this move - where they wrap a guys legs around one of the corner posts of the ring, and then they just ram his leg right into the post...


Yeah - that about what my rear-end felt like...

WHAM! Unlike in wrestling - where the guy recovers instantaneously, bounces right back up, and jumps across the ring in a flying, death, drop-kick - I didn't want to move an inch.

Even though a bike is a good alternative transportation option...
we're gonna have to get a different option pretty soon.

On another note - I weighed myself at Christy's office (after the ride), and I weighed 176 pounds. I haven't weighed that little (that I can remember) since high school. The last time I remember hitting the 170's was at Willamina High School. Of course - it's not all muscle anymore - but WOW was I ever proud to see that number.

It's a LONG way from the 200 I was hitting back at the office in Oregon.

Just a silly, quick update.


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