Enjoying the Florida bounty!

We have discovered something since moving here to Florida. The fruits and veggies come into season much, much earlier here than up North. Yesterday we went berry picking at a local farm in Winter Haven. In Oregon and Washington you are not even thinking about getting local fresh berries until much later in the Spring and Summer. So we found a farm that had both strawberries and blueberries that we could pick. We were almost to late for the strawberries as they actually came into season in February. Can you believe that, February! But thankfully they are still holding on and we were able to get quite a lot. The blueberries are right in the middle of their season so we were all good there. We were able to pick about 6 1/2 lb in about 10 min or so. Another difference is the blueberries are HUGE. Like the size of cherries. Here are some photos that I just took of our bounty!

This last one is my favorite! It looks so Yummy!


Keeley lost her first tooth! Well the first one that naturally came out anyways. She had to have one pulled by the dentist a couple of years ago because she fell and killed the root. So this is her first lost tooth! She is so excited about having the tooth fairy come and possibly leave her something! We have also noticed yet another big difference between our two girls. Kaitlyn as soon as she discovers that she has a loose tooth, she is working on it wiggling it and will not leave it alone until it is out. So she can go from barely loose to all the way out in the course of several hours. Keeley on the other had found out that her tooth was loose at least a month and a half ago. She never worked it or would let me wiggle it. She could have had it out days ago if she had just wiggled a little. But no not her. She waited until It practically fell out on its own. She did end up giving it a little tug to get it all the way out but not much was needed. It is just amazing how two girls from the same parents can be so very different. Here is Keeley and her new look.

this is really what she thought of the whole thing!
The other tooth next to the one that came out today is also loose. I wonder how long she will let that go?

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Jason V said...

Nothing small or weak or RED about the blueberries in Oregon:

It's amazing they're out in February!
I haven't checked locally, but I guess we're just coming into season in the next month. Blueberries are early July usually, but this year is cool, co hard to tell.

Maybe you should ease up on the kids a little. It's hard to see you beating on them so much. :P
A little surprising too, considering how much of a weakling you are. Maybe you could eat more vitamins and maybe pop a little breath mint?