NASA shuttle launch STS-124 - LIVE


Christy and I were talking the other night about NASA, and the fact that they won't be launching too many more space flights... due to budgetary cuts and other things like that.

Literally - just like 24 hours ago, maybe 2 days ago.

And then we learned just yesterday that they were about to do this space launch today May 31st, 2008 - at 5 pm.


The girls and I watched NASA TV live to check out the launch.

And then we grabbed a few pictures from the NASA live site:

We sat there watching for about 30 seconds.
And then the girls and I ran outside the house, to see if we could see the space shuttle in the sky.

Already, it was WAY UP there.

And then in an instant, it stopped leaving it's steam trail, and then right after that it disappeared from our sight. And we couldn't see it anywhere.

This is right outside the front door of the house.
Pretty Cool!

I'm glad I had eagle eyes Kait to spot the shuttle in the sky, or I might not have seen it up there until it was already gone.


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