A Tribute to My Uncle - (kinda personal)


Some of you already know this news...

My Uncle Louis passed away earlier this week.

Unfortunately, he was really quite young, so he should have had MANY more years left ahead of him.

All my memories, and those of my family, remember him as a very funny, very intelligent man.

My Dad told me that Louis actually taught him how to play chess. And not only that... but Louis could play without having a chess board in front of him. I used to play chess for hours and hours - but I could NEVER play without the board.

The thing I'll miss most about him is... the way he would wiggle his ears, and make me laugh. Every time I saw Louis he had a great joke, or a funny comment, that would just crack me up. He had a fantastic sense of humor, and a sweet spirit that I loved being around.

Photo provided from Statesman Journal

Here's a little more about the family - Uncle Louis

I love you Uncle. And my heart, and prayers are with your family tonight. I hope you are cracking a joke with God right now - I'm sure He'll be glad to have you home.

With Love and all best wishes,

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