Pizza Monsters

It's strange...

You move to a new place, and you realize that your body starts craving certain foods.

You miss them.
You long for them.
And eventually, you either get over it, or you go hunt them down.

Anyhow - we were having pizza withdrawals the other day, so we ventured over to Papa John's pizza. So far, this is the only pizza in town we enjoy eating. There's no Pizza Schmizza here - but I guarantee you they would do VERY WELL in this town.

So, we go inside, and there's no other customers inside the place.

And the guy is being super friendly to us.

Finally - we decide we're going to order a couple of pizzas. But before we do, he invites the girls to come back, into the back - where the ovens and other machinery are - and make their own pizzas.

So he drags Chris and the girls behind the counter, and he lets the girls build their own pizzas.

It was absolutely COOL!

I was totally impressed, and so was Christy.

Now - I just gotta spread the word, because that was some of the best service, and treatment, we've gotten from anyone in this town.

KUDOS - to Papa John's on Cleveland Heights (Lakeland) for knocking us out!

And here's some of the proof - in case you were wondering.

Oh, and No! We won't be selling it on ebay - in case you were wondering that, as well.

Oh, yeah, Sam - you better watch out, 'cause the girls are coming to take your job soon. :-)



Jason V said...

Wow! I'm so STARVING right now and those pizza's look JUICY DELICIOUS!

Hey Homey! My Momma Don't Feed Me!

Our Blogs said...

Hello - RRRRRRomino's Pizza.

What's that...?

You want cheese and anchovies?

Oh, oh, oh you want beans and sardines?

We'll have that right over for you!

Is that Ping Pong I hear in the background?