Website Catastrophe

And here I go again ... on and on and on about this website stuff.

Actually you might find this one interesting. One of my sites - the oldest one I currently have running - was 'shut down' because of a SPAM complaint 2 days ago. And when I say 'shut down', I mean it was completely offline. I couldn't even touch it.

My great pals, over at 'SPAMCOP' helped get me shut down. May their stong-arm tactics, and bullying methods, cause their business to plummet into the abyss of nothingness, and provide them with multitudes of hassles in their future.

So, it seems, the spammers are winning their battle against legitimate businesses.

However, instead of giving up on it, I asked them to re-instate the site. In exchange, I deleted my entire database of subscribers.

Yep. Almost 20,000 email subscribers. And close to 1,000 buyers. And now ... anyone who wants to join my list has to go through a two-step (double opt-in) process. All because some morons find it easier to send a complaint, than to click a remove link in the bottom of an email ... which they opted into themselves.


It was all gone ... in an instant.

Take a deep breath.

But ... I keep pushing on. This way, it's almost like starting completely over ... completely new, from scratch.

It should be interesting.

I have no doubt that my sales will continue on. And I will continue to make more money from these sites.

It just bums me out that the idiocy of others has to impact what I'm trying to do. But, heck, if I let every little thing stop me - I would have given up LONG ago.

Additionally it has raised my 'ire' to the point where I am planning on finding other ways and strategies to persuade readers to keep up with my ideas.

I'll keep you posted.


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