Polk County Florida Daddy / Daughter Dance

I had the great honor, and pleasure, to take both girls to a Daddy / Daughter dance the other night. We have gone to them before, and so I was looking for another great night out with the girls.

A few hitches and problems happened during the evening, but overall it was tons of fun for all of us.

Anyhow here's some pics ... just in case you're interested:

(Sorry about the date on the pictures - we had changed a setting, and didn't realize we still had that in there.)


P.S. Just for the record ... Here's a couple things that I think make a great Daddy / Daughter dance.

1. Lower 'mood' lighting - instead of having full-on bright lights, set the lights lower so you can't see all the daddy's sweating.

2. Play fun / upbeat songs that the dads all like, AND that the kids can enjoy as well. Don't play obscure songs from the 60's and 70's that no kid cares about anymore. At least make it a fun song to dance to, if you're going to play something from our younger days.

3. Leave lots of room for dancing space on the dance floor. OR - if you have a live band, don't give them half of the dance floor to set up. Leave more room for the dads and their girls to dance.


InkyFingers said...

Wow, something that actually put Daddy in a white shirt and tie!

Jason V said...

Hey, what are all of those little date codes in your pictures???

Hutch said...

Riley and I had a great time. Good suggestions! But at least the band was playing the standards, like any good cover/wedding/party band. You going to send me some of those pics of Riley and me? PREESH!!