Website Catastrophe - One Week Update

About a week ago, I reported a huge hassle I ran into with one of my websites. And, let me just speak clearly ... I don't talk about all this website stuff because I think you're particularly interested.


I talk about it - because I love it ... and because maybe, just MAYBE, some of you MIGHT be interested in it. If so, I'm happy to share more. I just offer the bare minimum of comments here, to reveal my most pressing thoughts.

Remember my issue?

No ... well let me remind you ... it was shut down. Completely down - even 'I' couldn't touch my own website!

However, I am happy to say it has been re-instated, and is back up, and online.

More interestingly though, are a couple of changes that have occurred since then. As a result of having my site shut down, I also shut off my Pay Per Click advertising which I was running. So, I've been running at almost zero costs for the last week, and I'm still getting a bunch of people subscribing to my ezine list, AND I've gotten a handful of buyers as well.

It's interesting ... maybe my costs will go down, and my sales will go up because of the idiocy of 'spam cops' who try to control everything. I guess, in the end, it might work out alright anyhow.



InkyFingers said...

I'm really glad it's up and running for you again. And yes, we are interested in that area of your life as well as the family, etc... so keep em' coming!

Jason V said...

good to hear!
they heard that there was an angry website owner out to get them, so they decided to play it safe? :)

Jason V said...

P.S.: How is your next project progressing?